Hello! I’m antlering, a grad student venturing out into the world with the (questionable) guidance of my gods. This blog is the companion to my tumblr. I’m pansexual and use she/her or they/them pronouns. Note: I’m chronically ill/mentally ill and do occasionally post about it.


I am a Mediterranean syncretic polytheist. My focuses are Hellenic, Kemetic, and Levantine polytheism. My religion meanders along trade routes and across civilizations as requested by my gods and spirits.

I am a devotee of Hermes and a child of Taweret. My other main gods are Dionysos, Ra, Heru-wer, Khonsu, Ba’al Hadad, Wenut, and Heqet. However, my devotions change seasonally and I follow some traditional festivals.

The gods have currently sent me on a mission of exploration throughout the Mediterraranean; my research jumps from Etruscan to Mesopotamian, grabbed by whichever deity wants attention at the moment. It all comes down to trade routes!

I also practice ancestor veneration; my ancestors include my family, animal spirits, and historic dead. I petition Hermes, Anup, Sokar, Shapash, and Mother Mary in my ancestor work, as well as my friendly animal spirits (Spider, anyone?). Heroes include the Dioskouroi and Achilles, among many others. My ancestors are loud and steer and my daily practice!

I am a remetj of Kemetic Orthodoxy.

If you want to know anything more, feel free to ask! I’m always looking for friends in the community. (:

I am most active on my tumblr!



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