Hidden One

Four-headed ram god from Dendera, labeled as either Qebui or Banebdjedet. Khnum in his name of Sheft-hat is also depicted with four heads. I am greeted at an entrance to the Duat by Four-Heads-on-One-Neck. He is hard to look upon, colossal and ethereal, guiding souls safely through the gate with gentle hands. In the shadow … Continue reading Hidden One

backyard gods

There was once a god in my backyard. Despite having dirt that was mostly sand, despite the heat, despite the voracious bugs and the weather that tended from “extreme” to “disastrous,” a god made a home around the pool cage. He was a god of wild wheat, blown in from spirits-know-where and rooted deep beneath the rubber … Continue reading backyard gods

Anthesteria 2020

This Anthesteria is perhaps the strangest I've ever observed. I'm living at a hotel for a bit and, for a variety of reasons, didn't go back to my own place to celebrate over the weekend. Instead, I stayed at my hotel with a travel shrine. I've never celebrated Anthesteria on the road, but I suppose … Continue reading Anthesteria 2020