Online Resources

For anyone looking for more information online about anything I post on here. Will be updated as needed.


  • Henadology’s Glossary – the go-to online resource on the Netjeru. This is an incredibly thorough glossary with a good bibliography – I am on it practically daily.
  • Devo’s Kemeticism Starter guides
  • Kemetic Orthodoxy – Our biggest organized group; the forums and reading list at the very least are worth checking. Tons of great material comes from their research! (I am a remetj, or community member.)
  • Kemetic Round Table – an open collection of Kemetic bloggers weighing in on different topics

Hellenic Polytheism

  • – perhaps the best online collection of hymns and ancient references
  • Hellenion – the largest Hellenic group; I’m not a member, but their calendar is very useful
  • Home, Hearth, and Heart – an excellent Hestia e-shrine that gives daily ideas for worship, both creative and historical, daily hymns based on ancient calendars, and awesome weekly round-ups for both Hellenic polytheism and other polytheistic religions

General Polytheism/Paganism

  • pages on paganism – tends to be Wicca-slanted, but I am still fond of it – Patti Wiggington’s info is pretty great.
  • Polytheist Community Forum: A nice, newer polytheist forum; I am a member!
  • eCauldron – a long-running forum; definitely showing its age but still should be mentioned for its archives
  • Landwalker Witchery: A witchcraft website/resource by a witch I respect greatly
  • Sacred Texts: Sacred Texts is a place where you need to read critically. This is a collection of religious/spiritual/occult/etc. articles and texts that are either passed copyright or free publications. However, some of these are outdated, like the Budge BOTD translations. Still, you can read some interesting stuff here.



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