Weekends are for spirits and Sobek-Ra

Sharing some of the typical shenanigans I get up to on weekends. This is my final semester of grad school, so I'm taking it as easy as I can. Weekends are the time I mainly get to do my professional job, but it's relaxing work (political science research) and helps me be productive spiritually as … Continue reading Weekends are for spirits and Sobek-Ra


Lenaia 2018!

Finally breaking my radio silence to post some quick thoughts about Lenaia! At the beginning of the year, divination + an educated guess told me Dionysos had claimed my festival calendar and practical focus for this year. Lenaia is the first major Dionysian festival I've celebrated this year - although January Noumenia was a doozy … Continue reading Lenaia 2018!

Blessed Silence

For the past few months, I've been fairly quiet both here and on tumblr. Normally such a silence would indicate a "fallow" time for me, as I'm practically always attached to some form of social media. This radio silence was a bit different, though. I originally took a break from the online polytheist community for … Continue reading Blessed Silence