Weekends are for spirits and Sobek-Ra

Sharing some of the typical shenanigans I get up to on weekends. This is my final semester of grad school, so I’m taking it as easy as I can. Weekends are the time I mainly get to do my professional job, but it’s relaxing work (political science research) and helps me be productive spiritually as well.


American alligator hide, legally hunted and acquired through trade with a family friend.

Anyone who follows me on tumblr may have seen the above image: oiling my alligator hide as a devotional act to the gator’s spirit and also to Sobek-Ra. Cleaning this hide and getting it into a regular shape was one of the first devotional activities I ever did for Sobek-Ra, back about a year and a half or two years now.

Sobek and I have always had a strange relationship – he was one of the first gods I approached, when I was 16 or 17, and he was the first god to reject me. And he did so viciously, so much so that I didn’t approach him at shrine again until last year (age 24). We grew a casual relationship over time, however – I have worked with gator spirits for years, having grown up along the Everglades, and Sobek(-Ra) became much friendlier as sort of this big primordial being constantly present in the swamp. Last year, after much pressing, I officially approached Sobek-Ra, and he quickly claimed a prominent and unusual spot in my practice that we’re still sorting out.


You may be able to guess what I’ve started! 🙂

The ancestors usually like to claim at least one of my weekend days, as I don’t get to spend a lot of time with them during the week. While they like food offerings, they are typically much more interested in heka/witchcraft and household projects that they can turn into heka. Which makes it harder to offer to them compared to the gods on week nights. Above is the very beginnings of a long-term project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time, and either the ancestors put the itch in me or I just really need to do this! It will take a while to gather the pieces and truly begin, but I’m excited!


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